Granny Flat Kits - Australias Best Value for Money Granny Flat Kits!

With affordable housing a growing issue in Australia, Emjaro has focused on the needs of a shifting and growing population.

Developing a unique system that combines the latest technology in construction, with the tested, tried and true construction methods of yesteryear, Emjaro has developed the brilliant, lightweight, strong and affordable......ECO MOD POD!

Based on a concept used widely in the commercial industry for over 40 years to save money and time, the Panels have been reconfigured for the Residential market place!

They are a brilliant, lightweight solution, to combat the same issues in the residential building industry...SAVING TIME & MONEY!

The other concept we have adapted from the Commercial Construction arena, is the Blank Shell concept of Shopfitting!

These shells are then “Fitted Out” by the new shop owner - allowing them to customise the shell to suit their needs!

With the Time and Money you save in the construction of your POD, you now have a bigger budget to Customise your POD, to reflect your style and tastes!

Don’t feel you have that creative flair?

 Don’t worry!

Every POD gets our Free Customising Manual, with tips and tricks and a whole heap of suppliers, we will have you Designing like a star!

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